Repost: On writing

Good ideas raised by a good friend, which have helped confirm that I’m also taking the right steps to get back into the writer’s groove.

Burning Details

joy_edited-1Some writing. Not mine. But one day…

Since finishing and screening the film last year, I have spent quite a bit of time levelling out in the wilderness before settling onto a new path. For the past few months, I’ve been writing regularly again.

In the past, I’ve found writing difficult, frustrating and unsatisfying. When writing, I’ve been impatient with progress, unmethodical in my approach and sporadic in writing bursts: it really has been my own problem. After much meandering, I am in a much more satisfying groove.

The meandering after the film took in writing all that came to me: radio plays, short stories, television pilots, even the odd poem. I’d follow each project to a certain point before losing interest and starting on the next big thing, wasting more paper and time.

Three factors got me back into gear:

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Hi! My name is Kit and I love stories. I even write a few ;)

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