Coaching with Kit


I coach people who dream of turning their goodness the things that make them special into greatness their “impossible” goals made real.

My clients don’t just want to wait around for a better future to come; they want to act now, preemptively, radically, to create positive impacts in the present.

They are change-makers. They are forward-thinkers. They are freedom-seekers. They are legacy-builders.

They listen, but have not yet spoken. They learn, but have not yet taught. They are the undiscovered leaders who have not yet heard the power of their own voice because something is standing in their way. Something is resisting their efforts.

And they work with me because I know what that’s like

So when they speak, I listen, to go deeper and further than they’ve ever taken their dream before. To the point where they can bring it to life. Then beyond.

Here’s how we could work together:

The  Journey Together Package

A bespoke engagement of 1-to-1 conversations (1 hour scheduled by the client every 2 weeks) with additional support from me between sessions to structure and encourage meaningful change.

The Discovery Call

Experience some 1-to-1 coaching for free and explore how we might work together (includes a questionnaire to help you get clearer on your challenges, goals and sticking points).

My clients are serious about getting serious: they’re willing to be open with me, they bring a challenge to each session, and they never let fear get in the way of taking action. They feel fear (because they’re human) but also understand that by committing to the journey, their coaching experience can be truly life-changing.

They also know, as I do, that the world needs more people with more than just one thing to be passionate about. The world needs more generalists; more multipotentialites; more people with multiple dreams. A whole slew of “impossible” goals made possible by the combined aspects of the multi-faceted individual. People who refuse to marginalise themselves with a singular focus or be marginalised by others who underestimate the impact of their potential contributions. People willing to change careers, change trajectories, change minds, and change the way life gets done.

If you’re looking for that kind of change, I’d love to hear from you.


GRAE — Before coaching with Kit, I was having difficulty figuring out my priorities, removing the blocks to important career choices and finding the time to do everything. I tend to delay taking action when there is an emotional element, or when there are things I might be afraid of. These tend to be baseless fears, from old patterns, but they can still catch me. Kit saw me as able and ready to change. He asked insightful questions at just the right moment. He also understood how I worked, and effortlessly used that knowledge to guide me into a creative and able flow state. I realised the coaching was taking effect when my blockages became laughable and disappeared, things to smile about before moving on. Now, at the end of our coaching journey, I consider myself more aware and more awake. I’ll still get stuck sometimes, but I have greater control over the paths I need to follow to limit how often this happens, while trusting in both my process and destination.

BENEDETTA — When I started coaching with Kit I wanted to work on planning my future goal of earning more with my art and reaching a higher level with my career. Also, I was living in an unpleasant condition in a flat I didn’t like with a housemate I really didn’t get along with. One of my goals was to move into a flat where I was able to paint, play music and enjoy it with my friends. I felt frustrated trying to plan and understand my next steps. Coaching was interesting and helpful to understand how to best move forward, towards my goals. Kit was a good listener, and he was able to ask the right questions to make things click and for me to reach the solutions I was looking for. I took the opportunity to move forward with my career and get a job as an animator for a short film, earning my first commission, improving my skills and strengthening my portfolio. I also had the chance to move out from my previous flat and now I absolutely love my new flat.

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