Flash Fiction #3: Or What

Source: Blog Battle 2020 February’s Prompt: Vivacious  Definition (from vocabulary.com): A vivacious person is lively and spirited … [and] naturally fun to be around; they sparkle, they animate any group they’re part of, they’re full of life … from Latin vivere “to live.” It has more of a sense of playfulness than lively or animated. EvenContinue reading “Flash Fiction #3: Or What”

Hanging in the Sky

Flash Fiction #2: Moon

August 2018 BlogBattle ✧ The needle slid out with a quick pull and press but blood bubbled over Riggan’s thumb anyway. He wasn’t the doctor. The younger boy on the cot gurgled at the spike of pain, doubling over, but his eyes remained closed tight so Riggan shook him, hard. “Up! Won’t tell ya’gin.”  ThereContinue reading “Flash Fiction #2: Moon”

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