Hanging in the Sky

FF: Moon

August 2018 #BlogBattle The needle slid out with a quick pull and press but blood bubbled over Riggan’s thumb anyway. He wasn’t the doctor. The younger boy on the cot gurgled at the spike of pain, doubling over, but his eyes remained closed tight so Riggan shook him, hard. “Up! Won’t tell ya’gin.”  There was […]

Repost: Top 5 Lessons From Bad Writer

Originally posted on Allison Maruska:
I have an alter-ego on Twitter. Her name is Bad Writer. She doesn’t have a million followers or viral tweets or anything like that. She exists merely to be the public face of my sarcastic side. And since I talk to writers a lot on Twitter, she focuses on writing.…

Repost: I’m Not Saying We Shouldn’t Be Angry

I like to think there’s a lot of wisdom out there like this waiting to be rediscovered: old salves for new souls with timeless wounds. I’ll do my bit to make sure it’s not forgotten: A Hundred Falling Veils I’m not saying we shouldn’t be angry. Anger seems reasonable. But perhaps we will do what […]

Repost: On writing

Originally posted on Burning Details:
Some writing. Not mine. But one day… Since finishing and screening the film last year, I have spent quite a bit of time levelling out in the wilderness before settling onto a new path. For the past few months, I’ve been writing regularly again. In the past, I’ve found writing…

Gunslinger B&W

FF: Cat Western

Flash Fiction Challenge (Dan Alatorre): There was no way this was going to end well for him. The ‘he’ in question didn’t care, of course. Clearly. But if he did, his act, however pointless, was worthy of the best and brightest stages this side of Carson City. Or so Jesse imagined, casting his judgement on […]